Christmas Hampers


For the last few years our church has been involved in organising a Christmas Hamper Appeal and we have already started preparations for this Christmas.

We are asking that you put together a parcel containing food items and gifts, that you can present to a family who have been referred to us because of a particular need. The size of the family is upto you. You can choose a single person, a family of two, three, four or a large family.

If you want to be involved in transforming someone’s Christmas, can you please email: or WhatsApp/Text 0793-415-8093 and we will send you more details.


Naturally you may have some questions. Here are some of the ones that people ask:

When do I deliver the package?
This year we suggest you deliver it on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th December.

Do the people know I am coming?
Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. It largely depends on where the referral comes from.

Will they be in when I deliver?
Well we don’t know, but one approach is to go to the address the previous week and post a card with the following message:

“Merry Christmas, you have been chosen to receive a Christmas hamper and it will be delivered on ….(date you choose). If you won’t be in that day can you please call (you can give your own number if you wish)”

or you can chat to the person when you arrive at the door.

When will I know my family’s details?
Whenever we receive the referral that matches with your request.

What will I put in the box?
There is a suggested list (see the Suggested Items page), but you can add in whatever you wish. We suggest you do not add in any alcohol, as we don’t always know the family circumstances.

Do I get a voucher to add in to my parcel?
Yes, the church will provide a voucher for Scotmid. The voucher can be picked up from the church: Viewpark Parish Church, on Old Edinburgh Road on Monday 13th December, or Tuesday 14th December 6.30pm to 7.30pm or on Tuesday 14th afternoon between 2pm and 3pm.

What do I say when I hand the parcel over?
We suggest you say, merry Christmas, someone cares about you and has nominated you to receive a parcel this Christmas.

How do I package it?
In whatever way you like. It’s a good idea to make it look Christmassy, whether you cover a box with Christmas paper or just put it in a Christmas bag, its your choice !!

How do I know that the family really need help?
We rely on the people who refer the families to us. Many times it may look like there is no need but we don’t always know the background to why people are referred. In many instances especially with single people we may be bringing something to someone who may have lost their partner this year or that they are lonely and won’t have anyone near them at Christmas. If we are able to tell you details, we will.
Please note that only you will know the family details, we would be grateful if you could keep this information private and treat the family sensitively. They may be embarrassed if they think someone thinks they are struggling.

Serving God – Serving People