Holy Week Services

The following are details of the Joint Church Services which will be held during Holy Week:

  • Monday 29 March 7:00pm – Rev Drew Goodwin at Burnhead
  • Tuesday 30 March 7:00pm – Rev Michael Lyall at Viewpark
  • Wednesday 31 March 7:00pm – Rev Les Brunger at Burnhead
  • Thursday 1 April 7:00pm – Rev Dave Hall at Burnhead (Includes Communion, please bring your own bread and wine or equivalent)
  • Friday 2 April 7:00pm – Rev Drew Goodwin at Burnhead

To Attend In Person

Tuesday’s service will be streamed from Viewpark Church WITHOUT a congregation. The other services from Burnhead Church may be attended, with a maximum of 50 people.

Please be aware that if you would like to attend any of the Burnhead Services:

  • You will need to wear a facemask (unless medically exempt)
  • Follow the social distancing regulations, and
  • Not be permitted to sing out loud

Anyone wishing to attend Burnhead must register their desire on a dedicated phone line by 5pm on Thursday 25th March – the number for which is: 0795-559-5974.

You will be asked to leave your name, contact phone number and number of seats required for your household. (Only one name per household is needed). Your name and contact details will be used to compile the necessary Test and Protect list for each evening. This information will be stored for the regulated time period and then deleted.

As seats are limited, please state the Services you would like to attend in the order of your preference and seats will be allocated accordingly. You will be notified by text/phone of your seat allocation on or before Sunday 28th March.

To View Via YouTube

Services from Burnhead Church (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) can be viewed on YouTube via the link on the Burnhead Church web site: http://burnheadchurch.ddns.net

The Service from Viewpark Church (Tuesday) can be viewed on YouTube by clicking on the link here. (Link will become active shortly before 7:00pm on Tuesday 30 March).

Serving God – Serving People