Safeguarding Training

The Church of Scotland Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale is holding free online Introductory Safeguarding Training.

All those who undertake regulated work (paid or voluntary) with children or vulnerable adults, and who have not completed Safeguarding Training in the last 5 years, are required to do so.

Below are more Safeguarding Training dates for November. There are three opportunities to complete Introductory training, and one for Advanced training for coordinators and panel members. Please encourage those who require training to sign up, these trainings usually book up quickly.

In the new year, the focus will be on trustee training. Many have been waiting patiently for this training, and looking forward to the accreditation of new trainers. There will be different ways to receive this training. More information will be available in December.

Bookings can be made by clicking on the following links:

Introductory Training (for those involved in regulated work)

Wednesday 1st November 7pm

Thursday 16th November 7pm

Monday 27th November 7pm

Advanced Training

Saturday 18th November 9am

Boys’ Brigade Safeguarding Training – Update

The Safeguarding Service have provided information regarding the training of Officers in the Boys’ Brigade.

BB training was discussed at the Training Sub-Committee meeting held on 7th February 2023, and the following was agreed:

  • BB leaders in Scotland are able to complete Module 4 BB training as an alternative to CofS Introductory Training if they do not also hold an additional CofS role.
  • BB Leaders in Scotland who have completed the new Module 4 BB training during 2022 (without the CofS updates) will be able to complete an additional session to cover the new updated material (delivered by Jim McVean) and this will then count as approved safeguarding training for their relevant 3 year period.
  • BB leaders who have completed the updated Module 4 (with CofS additional material) will be classed as having undertaken approved safeguarding training for their relevant 3 year period.
  • BB leaders who are also serving in other CofS roles, are still required to undertake the relevant CofS training appropriate to that role.

Deadline to complete Safeguarding Training

At present 5 trainers provide as many training opportunities as possible, however availability is limited. Also eight people are at various stages of training to become accredited safeguarding trainers, and this will increase future capacity. Meantime, to reassure you, in the event that it has not been possible for training to be completed by the deadline, Presbytery must assess whether adequate training opportunities have been provided before taking any disciplinary action. Therefore operations of a single congregation will not be affected if all training has not been completed by 30th June 2023.

We will continue to provide online training and are working towards local in person training. We are also trialling a hybrid method of training which we hope will provide more capacity.

Lorna Laughland
Education, Training and Development Officer
Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale
Rex House
103 Bothwell Road

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