Messy Breakfast

Messy Breakfast restarts on Sunday 4th September  at 10:00am in the Thornwood Room.

We meet each Sunday morning for a fun, family time and free breakfast at 10am

Join us for pastries & pancakes, toast, tea & coffee and watch What’s in the Bible with us as we learn about the Bble and enjoy each other’s company.

“Sunday morning Messy Breakfast is wonderful, not just for the children, but for the big people too. It’s a true saying, you’re never too old to learn and the pieces of information that can be picked out of the animated stories and the music never cease to amaze me. It’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere, not forgetting the tea, coffee, juice, delicious croissants, scones, pancakes and pastries ready to be enjoyed. I’d say if anyone’s thinking about it, come and join us for some breakfast and learning more from God’s wonderful teachings.”

Serving God – Serving People